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Self-Paced Frog Dissection Guide

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Purchasing and Licensing FAQ

My website designer-manager produced these "frequently asked questions."

Purchasing Questions

I completed a purchase of a license at Paypal but failed to complete my download. What now?

Actually, this question has not been 'frequently asked' but we want to do all we can to assure you are able to download the guide you have purchased. Most purchases and downloads proceed smoothly, but if you do have a problem you need to notify Keith. Try to be as specific as possible as to your exact problem in order to facilitate its resolution. Did you fail to return to from Paypal? Do you have a question about the download instructions? Did the download link fail? Do you need help with the ZIP file format? Etc.

Please keep in mind that is a part-time endeaver and that Keith is an active teacher. Your problem will be addressed as promptly as possible - usually within a day - but sometimes it may take a couple of days. Be assured that you will get your copy of the Guide.

What if I forget or lose my PDF password, or lose my copy of the PFD file?

If you are a current license holder contact Keith to replace a lost password or PDF.

Licensing Questions

When do I need to renew my license?

The license term is for the current school year. Licenses purchased after the end of a school year and not exercised before the start of the new school year are considerd to be for the new school year. You need to renew your license after the start of each new school year before using the Guide or printing any copies of the Guide.

Can I use copies of the guide printed before my license year expired if my license is currently expired?

Sorry, no. You are licensed only to print copies to teach your students during your license period. The printing of carryover copies is not included in the license and their use is not permitted without a current license.

Can I sell or give away copies of the guide?

Please, no! You are only licensed to print copies for use in your own classes with your own students (unless, of course, you purchased a School License). You cannot sell or otherwise transfer either the PDF or printed copies to anyone.

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